How it works

It is easy! We plan your trip together. Based on what you want to experience and our local knowledge the result will be your dream holiday. We will connect you with our local experiences; add in value with ethical practice based on years and years of practical experience. We will present you a suggestion and mold it with your feedback and requirements. A holiday developed just for you, a journey of a lifetime! Well, we say a lifetime, but we have so many repeat visitors, that it might just be the first of many!


Step by step

The process is simple. With minimum effort you will get maximum information from our experts to help you make your decision. The end result will be real life experience that you will treasure forever.  

Welcome to take a responsible peek into majestic Nepal or experience village life and island paradise in Thailand. Or, whether you are looking to chill on an African beach in The Gambia, discover the roots of European culture in Ukraine or Romania, or meet musicians and artisans in hidden Kerala in India, we've the perfect trip for you. So, let´s get started!

1.We communicate

Start with you filling in a simple form. Tell us where you want to go, how many people are traveling in your group (solo, couple, family, group), and what sort of experiences interests you and if your have a budget in mind. You can use the form on our website, send us a mail or through our social channels. Once we are in touch, we will start the process of understanding your interests to custom tailor a trip for you together with our local experts. We will communicate with your through the process.

2.Customize your holiday

When we send you our first suggestion, you either like it as it is, or we make the necessary adjustments to fit your requirements even better. This is a process of a few mails, messages, or a phone call to fit the trip well with your expectations. We will also start the process of informing you of small tips and suggestions to do in the destination based on our years of expertise. We will finalize the costs for the trip at this stage.

3.You decide

It is time to make the decision. This is your trip, and it is important for us that you agree and enjoy the itinerary that we provide you before booking the trip. When you have diced to travel, we will ask you for a deposit. This can be paid through a online payment system, or via wire transfer into our accounts, whichever works best of course. We use very secure systems that are controlled from Norway, so it’s never a worry!

We will also ask you to accept our Terms and Conditions so both parties understand the legal commitment behind your trip. When you book, we also need your details like name as in passport, contact details, nationality, passport details, maybe a photo (pending on where you are traveling) etc. We will pass this on to our local partners. Your details will never be shared anywhere else! It is time to get excited and prepare yourself for traveling!


The easy bit! We have prepared and booked everything for you. You just have to travel to the country and enjoy the experience to the fullest! Make sure you take a ton of pictures and put it on social media and also hashtag us. We love to follow our travelers and what they experience. This will also help us to deliver our services to more and more people.


5.Tell us about your experience

We learn constantly and that is why we can deliver exceptional service and knowledge. Everytime we hear back from you, we learn even more. Help us via photographs, feedbacks etc, and help the world travel better and better in our form of travel. Informed and Conscious.

Why Travel with Us?

We have travelled to all the places we promote, and know the people behind the experiences.

Our experiences are our best asset so we are good at evaluating if the experiences fit your requirements.

Every single traveller is different and every one of our holidays are also different.

We also take deep pride in our expertise in adding ethical value to the trips, whether it is reducing the socio-economic impact of your journeys, or contributing back into the communities.

This makes for each journey with us being meaningful and memorable!

From time to time, we send out inspirational stories and experiences to update you on what's new in our world. Do you want to be part of the journey?