Hotspots in Orissa Hotspots in Orissa
Ethical India
Don’t miss out of these hotspots if you are passing Orissa! Spend a few days in the picturesque post city of Visakhapatnam (Vizag), surrounded inland by shrine-crested hills and on the coast by a natural harbour. Here you will find a mixture including India’s 2nd largest sh
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Kerala’s Culinary Trail Kerala’s Culinary Trail
Ethical India
Do you love Indian food? Then, seriously consider this experience! This is a fantastic opportunity to learn to cook Indian food while immersing yourself in responsible tourism along the River Nila in Kerala, southern India. Accompanied by local guides, your journey weaves t
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Discover Orissa’s tribal trails Discover Orissa’s tribal trails
Ethical India
This journey follows in the footsteps of India’s ‘original people’ tracking indigenous heritage and ancient ways of living. Visit the vibrant Chatikona market; join the Dongria Kondh to fawn over fancy items and admire their countless hairpins, earrings and nose rings. Sampl
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Follow the Heritage Trails around a River Conservation Project in Kerala, which has reclaimed a dying river over the period of 10 years. A world of cultural discovery awaits you here while following an ancient source of life itself - a world of artisans, craftsmen, farmers, with a rich cultural history, and learn about how intertwined their heritage is with the river.

Do the ever popular Golden Traingle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra with a difference. IN Delhi, staying in homestays, led by college students and driven through the experience by a woman driver (its a big thing). In Jaipur, going deeper into understanding weaving, blue pottery, and local architecture beyond the popular forts and desert lifestyle. In Agra, enjoy the eight wonder Taj Mahal (because you have to) but go deeper into community action at the Acid Burns Victim Cafe ‘Sheroes’ and learn to cook like a local. 

Go deep where no one goes in the NorthEast of India or to Orrissa and see the country from the inside, getting involved and immersing deeper into the heart of rural India.

Hit the hidden valleys in the high Himalayas, and understand how an award winning woman is working diligently with a local community in Spiti Valley, far away from everyone, but achieving wonders.

India | Did you know?

It is incredibly BIG and has all areas and climactic zones from the tropics to the lofty alpine areas in the Himalayas.

It was the first country to get away from the clutches of British Colonialization. Following its example, Ghana in West Africa was the next nation to be gain freedom.

The original inhabitants of this country, the Dravidians, now live in the Southern side of the country, where they fled to avoid increasing interests in conquests in the North from everyone from Ghengiz Khan to Alexander the Great to the Moghuls etc.

Symbolism in Buddhism was started by Ashoka the Great, who converted to Buddhism in the early ADs.


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