Over the years, we have had several happy travellers go to different countries and send in their stories of their travels. We like to keep them under what we label INSPIRATION to Travel. It makes for good reading. From time to time of course, we also like to write some blogs. All of them are here to inspire you!

  • Inside & Oustide the House, Going Local RomaniaGoing local in rural Romania
    In Ethical Romania, Romania
    I just got the best idea: You have to go and see my father! This juice is made with his organic vegetables and he makes chutneys from the bottom as well as other typical dishes from Western Romania. Read More
  • Cycling Featured ImageCycling Kyiv
    In Ethical Ukraine, Experiences, Ukraine
    Let us show you the best opportunities for cycling around Kiev, places which only local knows. Combine city sightseeing with cycling to explore more sights of Kyiv. Along your way you will admire Read More
    In Ethical Vietnam, Vietnam
    Surround yourself with breathtaking scenery and rich cultures of Vietnam, from bustling city, mountainous regions to coastal regions. Did you know? Every month on the 14th day of the lunar calendar, Read More
  • Pu Luong CyclingCycling Northern Vietnam
    In Ethical Vietnam, Vietnam
    A beautiful cycling route exploring the Northern Vietnam will definitely knock you off your feet with its hidden beauties. Did you know? Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, located in the northern Read More
  • Pu LuongPu Luong – A Trip To Remember
    In Ethical Vietnam, Experiences, Vietnam
    I was lucky enough to travel to Pu Luong - one of under-the-radar destinations in Northern Vietnam. Isolate in rough off-road areas, Pu Luong has been overshadowed by more popular nearly destination Read More
  • Traveling Romania JeanettRomania | A travel back in time!
    In Romania
    It´s been a while since I experienced it. The feeling of traveling back in time. It might sound like a cliché, but a short getaway to a destination full of – to me – unfamiliar traditional Read More
  • The Edge of Transylvania – where old traditions are still alive
    In Ethical Romania, Romania
    A travel back in time. To Apuseni Mountains, Northwest of Romania. Where you quickly become a part of the village. The small villages are nestled side by side, nicely surrounded by the beautiful Read More
  • Active Family Holiday in Hidden TransylvaniaActive Family Holiday in Hidden Transylvania
    In Ethical Romania, Romania
    Live as a local family in a traditional home in a remote village! The Apuseni Mountains are a hidden gem in the outskirt of Transylvania. Here you can easily spend a week enjoying your family Read More
  • Self-guided hikes in the Carpathians in TransylvaniaSelf-guided hikes in the Carpathians in Transylvania
    In Ethical Romania, Romania
    A  beautiful journey where you can hike peacefully in your own pace at the same time knowing that we got your back! Our self-guided hikes go to areas that are well marked and in easy terrain. You Read More
  • Trekking Mardi Himal copyright socialtours5 Reasons Nepal is great for Trekking with Children
    In Ethical Nepal, Nepal
    Trekking is usually understood as being a harder form of multi-day hiking, and most people consider it a no no with children to Nepal. Not anymore. And there are very clear reasons you should come to Read More
  • Going to Gambia Now is the best thing you will ever do!
    In Ethical Gambia, Gambia
    Gambia just made history. 22 years under one leader (Yahya Jammeh) and the citizens late last year voted for change. It took a little effort, but the transition of power has now happened peacefully Read More
  • Local Market at OrissaDiscover Orissa’s tribal trails
    In Ethical India, India
    This journey follows in the footsteps of India’s ‘original people’ tracking indigenous heritage and ancient ways of living. Discover Orissa's tribal trails by visiting the vibrant Chatikona market; Read More

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