29 Dec 2017
5 local secrets in Bergen

When visiting the historical City of Bergen, there is so much more to explore than the Hanseatic history at Bryggen and take the Fløibanen funicular. Be a local for a day and get introduced to some ot the secrets of Bergen, most travelers do not visit. The 5 top tips below are all within walking distance from city center. Get ready and GO LOCAL in Bergen!


1) Årstadgjeilen - The oldest street in Bergen
Few people are aware that this street is Bergen`s oldest street- perhaps even Norway`s oldest street! We would recommend you walk from Alrekstad (which was an important farm in the Viking age) and down to Store Lungårdsvann- which was called Alreksvågen back in the middle age. This is a beautiful, special and narrow street which still has a great amount of the old stones dating back to the middle age and the Viking age.

This was also where the famous Viking, Haakon the good, were heading after the battle at Fitjar. To explore this street, you can either walk from the city center for about 40 minutes (3 km) or take the local bus to Statsarkivet (no. 2 or 3 towards) and walk a few minutes from there.


2The Secret Viewpoint) Skivebakken - the secret viewpoint
This viewpoint is a hidden treasure in Bergen. You will obtain the opportunity to have a brilliant overview of Bergen from a local`s perspective. Skivebakken is Bergen`s steepest street race. In the 13th century, the bishop gave the German workers permission to shoot birds. The Germans were shooting parrots made from wood at the top and these parrots are kept in the Hanseatic Museum today as a memory of this part of the history. Skivebakken is also a popular place for the locals when taking their driving license. Due to the steep level of the street, it is a good place to test your driving skills.


Historical Wine Vault3) Dyveke Vin kjeller - Historical wine vault
This wine vault dated back to the 12th century with a fascinating history. The vault is situated in the middle of the city center and is named after Dyveke who moved to Bergen as a child with her mother from the Netherlands (Holland). They settled down in the Hollender street (Hollendergaten) where her mom worked. Dyveke became the Norwegian King`s mistress which resulted in political consequences for the King and was partly the reason for this fall at the time.



4) Bar barista - A taste of the Norwegian waffles
Bar barista in known to heaving the best Norwegian waffles in Bergen! Although it is located a few minutes’ walk from Bryggen and the starting point of Fløybanen, not many travelers are aware of this place with a fantastic atmosphere and friendly staff. It is a colorful place where you can play board games, a nice cup of coffee, tasteful and local food. It is a great place to stay if the weather is not on your side. 


5) Fake windows- a local surprise!Fake Windows
The locals in Bergen recently discovered a secret- several of the old and traditional buildings in Bergen has false windows! Some windows, such as at the Old city hall and the Damgård farm are painted on to illustrated perfect symmetry from the outside. A hotel in the city center, named Hotel Park Pension, has also painted a few false windows. When visiting Bergen, have a look at these buildings and see if you can differ the real windows from the constructed ones.



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