15 Dec 2015
Alagi Mbye and his Music School in The Gambia

This is a local experiences that you didn't even know existed! Meet musician and storyteller Alagi Mbye and his music school in The Gambia. A fascinating person, with a good heart!

Alagi was introduced to Ethical Travel Portal just before our very first trip to The Gambia in January 2008. He was not a part of the itinerary, but we got a tip from a professor in Norway that if we got the chance we should meet Alagi Mbye. I asked the group that was with me on that trip, if they wanted to join me and meet Alagi. YES - they all said and it was a visit to remember.

Alagi is a professional Kora player and a storyteller. He has played in Scandinavia several times. but his heart is in The Gambia and his neighborhood.

He started Maalis Music School because he wanted to give the kids in the street something to do. Today, he also has older students from further away who stay at his compound and learn to become a professional musician. A visit to his compound will give you an insight to music and storytelling traditions in The Gambia. I am looking forward to my next visit to Alagai, later this week! 

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