19 Apr 2017
Beach Walk in The Gambia – From Footsteps to Rainbow Beach Bar

Do you like a good walk? I DO! And I am telling you, Footsteps Eco Lodge in the Gambia is the perfect base for all kind of walks (except those walks in the mountains, then I would have joined Yoga Trek in Nepal!). The lodge is located in the bush, by the sea and near the local village Gunjur. That almost says it all!

If you want to dig into the local culture – head for a village walk with Footsteps local guide Sarani. His forefathers were among the first families arriving and established Gunjur! If you want a forest walk, five meters from the gate of Footsteps you find an amazing forest that is protected and has nice walking trails through it. You can spend a week at Footsteps and enjoy different trails every day – and all will include hidden gems and amazing local surprises along the trail.

The Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa, located on the West coast surrounded by Senegal on three sides. On the fourth side, the Atlantic Ocean is carving its way into the long golden beaches. Gambia has some lovely beaches. On the south part you can walk for hours and only meet two or three people, which are most guaranteed locals working out on the beach or on their way to the fishing village or similar.

One of the most beautiful walks I know is from Footsteps Eco Lodge to Sanyang (and Rainbow Beach Bar where the cold drinks are waiting!).

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