16 Mar 2017
Cook like a local with Sakuntala in Nepal

This is an absolute must when you are visiting Kathmandu. Join Sakuntala Rokka and learn how to cook like a local! She will take you though the whole process from shopping at the market, explaining the ingredients and show you how they are used in the Nepalese cuisine.

Dal baat and momos are two famous Nepalese dishes. This experience will teach you how to cook one of them. Lets make momos (as in the picture above)! We start at the local market where we will be shopping the ingredients. Sakuntala, with her experience, will guide you to the right shop and buy what we need for the cooking.

When the ingredients are bought, the cooking bit begins. We will cut the different vegetables in very small pieces (if you thought you knew what small is, think again!). The dough is made and we roll small smooth balls in our hands. These are flattened and a tablespoon of filling is added. Then we wrap it, using a very special technique. Don’t worry - Sakuntala will show you! She will take us through the whole process; from buying the ingredients until we enjoy our lovely lunch! Sakuntala is a great ambassador of the Nepali cooking style!

Momos can be made with any flavor you like, and you will get the receipt so you can impress your friends and family at home! My absolute favorite is with cheese and spinach! Mmmm...

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