17 Mar 2017
Eggpainting and visit to Lesya and Julia in Kiev, Ukraine

In Kiev, Ukraine you can meet two sisters Lesya and julia who will teach you how to paint eggs like the locals do, or "pysanka" as it is called in Ukraine. A great experienced that includes a delicious homemade lunch! Welcome home to Lesya and Julia!

A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg (yes, I know we are approaching Christmas!), which is decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs. It is commonly called egg painting, but the designs are not painted on, but written with beewax.

There are plenty of patterns to chose from and most of them have a meaning. You chose your pattern and try to copy it. The lines are steady painted using a special tool/pen where the beewax will come through. Almost like writing! Then, you dip the egg in color water (of your choice) before you go for next bee-wax-writing! One color at the time, and the light ones first. When you are finished you hold the egg next to the heat of a candle light and the wax will melt off. What you see is all the colors coming through.

A visit to Lesya and Julia also includes a traditional lunch. They will make you a soup, called borscht (beetroot) served with bread and sour cream to go with the soup.

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