17 Feb 2017
Fishing and Barbequing on a Peaceful Beach in The Gambia

It is something about looking each direction on a beach and you are alone! Gunjur Beach is one of the deserted beaches of the Gambia. Let us enjoy a peaceful day…  and yes, it is possible!

The Gambia is known for its good climate, friendly people and nice beaches. Let us unwind and feel the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean on a secluded beach away from the hustle and bustle in the so-called tourist area. This beach is located close to Gunjur beach, and also locally known as Footsteps Beach, after Footsteps Eco Lodge nearby.

The only people you will meet here is a few passing locals. We will take along a couple of fishing rods (might be lucky catching a Captainfish, Ladyfish or a Butterfish), a barbeque and a cool bag with cold drinks. What else can you ask for? No need to say more…

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