24 Nov 2016
Hiking in The Carpathian Mountains with Bogdan, Ukraine

One of our hiking guides is Bogdan Matkovsky. His passion for the Carpathians made him start guiding as a professional this year!

To reach new peaks in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine our hiking guide Bogdan Matkovsky will help you out. With a master degree in pharmaceutical engineering and a “normal job” as a web developer, Bogdan still have a passion for the nature. His first hike was at the age of 8 with his father, and as he point out, that’s probably not very special in a country like Norway, but in the Ukraine, this is a bit unique. He guided his first group of friends at the age of 16, and the past 11 years he has had countless hikes in the mountains of Ukraine. Since one of Bogdans biggest passions in life is to guide people to a new peak and in that way letting people explore nature, he started to guide professionally in 2013.

If you get to know Bogdan, you will realize that he has been exploring more countries than most of us in an extraordinary way. When I ask him why he loves travelling, he makes a comparison between hiking and travelling. He says “(…) doing both is to learn something new, see and feel the unknown, it's all about new personal experience and learning more about yourself. The only difference is environment - nature on one hand and people or societies on another”.

- Miriam Jøms, ETP

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