26 Oct 2017
How to pack your backpack for hiking

No matter how frugal you are in packing, about 30% of the item will only do the tour and come back. You will not use them! Guaranteed!

LEARN TO PACK LIGHT! Remember, no matter how frugal you are in packing, about 30% of the item will only do the tour and come back. You will not use them! Guaranteed!

Pack everything in a 30/40L day pack and a 60/70L Ruck Sack. Make sure that its all dry (one way is to pack everything in small dry bags, or polythene bags, or line the bags with garbage bags)


A good pair of hiking boots with ankle protection. Well-worn in would be good.

Light casual shoes (trainers or trail shoes) can double up as spare shoes or in camps or for evenings


  • Bring clothing in layers - base layer, tee shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, long sleeved shirts, windstopper, and a wind/water proof outer shell.

  • Do not forget underwear, swimwear and nightwear. Tip - long underwear doubles up as underwear

  • Socks and spare socks (avoid nylon, they can cause blisters)

  • Casual trousers with zip offs to convert to shorts and waterproof trousers

  • Gaiters in case of snow and rain jacket in case of rain.


  • Hat or cap and a woolen hat

  • Gloves just in case

  • Sunglasses with appropriate UV protection and sunscreen and lip balm

  • Compass and local maps

  • First aid kit and personal medicine

  • Headlamp for camping


Lighter, toilet paper, earplugs (for blocking sounds in camps), utility knife, water bottle, charging plugs and wires, hiking poles, a sewing kit, spare spectacles, water purification tablets, writing and reading material, binoculars and a large bandana or a buff.

The ABCDE of Packing a Bag

A - ACCESSIBLE. Stuff you need should be in pockets or on the top with ease of access.
B - BALANCE. Create a more stable backpack by putting heavier and bulky items in the bottom of the bag
C - COMPACT. Roll and compress items to fit in more stuff, and make the bag more stable. Do not throw it just in.
D - DRY. Ensure that the items you have inside are dry. Smaller dry bags, plastic bags or a completely big garbage liner are great ideas for this.
E - EVERYTHING INSIDE. Do not have things hanging out. Keep everything inside or secure in the bag.

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