19 Oct 2016
Karmi Village a Corner of India, Uttarakhand

In a corner of India, we find Uttarakhand, a state in Northern India, and the village Karmi. The state has many holy Hindu temples and is a pilgrimage centre. It is also one of the gateways to Himalaya, and you can fine beautiful trekking trails for any taste. The state is often referred to as the  "Land of the Gods". It is a special and total rural place!

Uttarakhand is located between Tibet to the north and Nepal to the east, and is position in the Himalayan foothills. The amazing view all around and friendly people really makes this place worth a visit. To reach Karmi you need to drive on a mountain road for a couple of hours from Bageshwar. At the end of the road it is about twenty minutes to walk to reach the village. Embrace the mountain air and soak in the natural beauty. This place is ideal for hiking, village-to-village walk and to get a real feeling of the local every day life. This is definitely a different India! Karmi is lying in one of the most fertile regions of the lower Himalaya and most of the people here are farmers. You will stay at a homestay and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

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