19 Dec 2015
Lamin Bojang and Gunjur Village Museum in The Gambia

Lamin Bojang decided a few years back that he wanted to build a village museum. He want to protect the history, culture, artifacts and nature for the next generation to come. Five years into his plan, it is now not long and he will open Gunjurs only museum.

Lamin Bojang is one of the most passionate and determined persons I have ever met. Lamins dream is to built a Nature and Cultural Heritage Museum in Gunjur, which will have positive effect for the village.

Lamin started to work on the museum to secure that the history is not disappearing. Their traditional languages are not written languages but spoken only, with no central record of historical events the culture of past generations is being lost. Lamin says that he won’t let that happen. Their history, traditions and culture are too important. Every penny (and don’t go to support his family) that he earns as a nature- and bird guide at Footsteps Eco Lodge goes to the museum. Many individuals have been / and are supporting Lamins work.

He started building the museum a few years back, and today it is standing and he is working on collecting artefacts. We also set up a new excursion “Treasure Hunt with Lamin” where you can donate money for an artefact and go an collect it with Lamin at the house and family where it belonged!

As Lamin Bojang puts it “the world would not be moving forward without enthusiasm!”

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