24 May 2017
Magic Midnight Sun in Norway

It is already way past midnight, but the sun is still shining. It will not go to sleep this evening. It is barely dipping its beams under the duvet before it raises again and yet become a fully member of the group. Lighting up your night, it welcomes you to Norway; the land of the Midnight Sun. The Road to the North, Norway. 1/3 of the country is located north of the Arctic Circle. The long days make people very happy, full of energy and light at heart. The days seem endless. It is an atmosphere that simply needs to be experienced. Some people do wonder how the Midnight Sun looks like. First of all, it is the same sun that can be seen daytime all around the globe (yes – people do ask). During the summer, the sun stays awake for hours after hours; it doesn’t want to go to sleep! At North Cape (as far north you can come on mainland Europe) the sun keeps shining for over 1800 hours without setting! The locals say that the fish bites best in the middle of the night. Imagine; catching a fish and freshly barbequing it under the Midnight Sun? Only surrounded by Mother Nature as far as you can see, in beautiful light and as fresh air that is possible. You have to come and visit to believe it! The sun changes in colour pending where we are in the world. One tip is therefore; try to see the Midnight Sun every night you are traveling in the Arctic! You will be as amazed as you were the first time you saw it! …And the light is beautiful for pictures, or romantic evenings! But I have to be honest; I cannot guarantee the weather! Take a few precautions to make sure you have done everything that you can do to experience the Midnight Sun. Make sure that you come at the right time (check where you are going, and between which dates the Midnight Sun is there). You should prepare to stay for more than a couple of nights. Ask the locals where the best spot is to see the sun, and make sure to be outsideevery evening…you never know when the sun will appear! Worried if you can´t sleep? Don’t be too worried, you will feel more energetic and in need of less sleep anyway. Besides, we are very good providing tourists with black curtains that black the light out! Don’t be surprised if you meet more people outside walking in the middle of the night that during the day. It is normal, but easy to get confused. Upside is that you can get twice as much planned into your holiday!

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