30 Jul 2017
Ropain – A Day for Celebration of Rice

Nepal gets the monsoon in June, and this month has a celebration for Rice "Ropain" - a day where Nepalese will celebrate the day by getting into the mud, planting some seedlings and having a feast. It does not get more LOCAL than this, and every year, our partner in Nepal - socialtours organised this event and invites locals, expats and travellers to join in.

Did you know? Nepalese probably eat the most per capita of rice, and its quite normal for people to have three meals of rice a day! No wonder then that there is even a festival to celebrate Rice!

The participants of the event try their hand at planting rice. Ankle deep in the mud, one takes two seedlings of rice and plants it about a half a finger deep in the mud, standing upright! This field then has to be waterlogged for at least another two months or so, and will go through two or three times of weeding to remove excess extraneous plants. The seedlings are planted about six inches apart in rows! It’s hard work, specially for the back as most of it is done bending down!

The Mud Olympics then starts with running races, as the mud brings out the child in people, and the enjoyment of getting muddy is high.

Mud Rugby was the next mud game played once the participants has their share of the planting snacks, consisting of succulent buffalo salads and a potato salad, down with copious quantities of the local beer, thyo



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