11 Oct 2017
Rosia, a small Village in the Apuseni Mountains

Lets go to the Apuseni Mountains. Here you will find hamlet after hamlet beautifully nestled in with nature. We are visiting charming Rosia.

Visiting Rosia, and many other villages in Romania, is like going back quite a few years in time. Here the people live with what they got and in peace with nature. The people here are very friendly, and happy to have a chat with the visitors. What is nice with Rosia is all the activities the community  and their partners have on offer. You can go for a nature trail with posters telling you what you see, investigate one of the many caves that are carefully prepared for visitors. Take a horse and cart to a very old water mill, which occasionally is still in use. You can visit the Visitor Center and get a glimpse of how people lived in really old times. Do not forget to visit the small center and have a lunch and something to drink in the restaurant, and buy some snack to bring back for the night which you can spend in a very cozy mountain hut.

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