28 Jan 2017
Serani Darboe, our Local Guide in Gunjur, The Gambia

The best insight to a village is to explore it with a local person. Serani Darboe has been a local guide in Gunjur for more than a decade, working with Footsteps Eco Lodge.

Gunjur is one of the largest villages in The Gambia. Yet, it doesn’t really feel like that, as The Gambia consists of several small villages, many of them merging into each other. The village is still very unspoild for tourists and you will get a proper local experience. Serani will guide you through the village that his forefathers established.

Stroll down to the fishing village and see the fishermen coming in with their catch, visit the local market, the church and mosque and one of the schools. Serani will most likely invite you to his compound to meet his wonderful family. If you come in the right season, he will let you taste on of the many oranges he has!

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