17 Jan 2017
The best cup of coffee in the world?

 Would you like to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed organic coffee at the foot of the Himalayas in Nepal? My friend asked me.

- It is, of course, locally sourced and prepared in front of you. He continued.

- YES, please! I replied and instantly put the coffee farm on my ”bucket list for Nepal”!

You may have heard of coffee from the Himalayas. Maybe even had a cuppa served at a local coffee shop near you or when you have been traveling? I can promise you, the experience of drinking a cup of coffee prepared from crop to cup in front of you cannot even be compared. Lets experience locally produced coffee.

A few kilometres outside beautiful Pokhara, a hot spot in Nepal where you can gaze at some of the 8000 meters high peaks of Annapurna, we find the organic coffee farm. The farm is idyllically located in green and lush surroundings. Stepping in through the gates, coffee is evidentially not the only thing that this farm has to offer. I knew about this farm some time before I had the change to visit. Now, finally I am ready to enjoy a locally produced freshly cup of coffee in the most beautiful surroundings!

After driving up, down and up again (it is Nepal, and what we call a mountain in Norway is considered as a hill in Nepal…) we finally pass a picturesque small village and turn off the "main road". Shortly after the sign "sustainable agriculture farm" welcomes us. The coffee farm is very different than what I imagined. It is much smaller, more local and interactive! The atmosphere is friendly and peaceful.  The farm is beautiful and green. The beans are already harvested for the season and most of them have been sent to Kathmandu or exported to Europe.

After an introduction by the charismatic owner and his wonderful wife, the process of preparing a proper cup of coffee begins. We follow the process from green beans, roasting them to freshly grinded and cooked ready-to-drink coffee.

The green beans are roasted over an open fire. The aroma of roasted coffee beans is spreading. Delightful. It smells like proper coffee.

While we wait for the coffee beans to be roasted, we go for a walk around the farm. It is not very big, but it is dense with vegetation, a variety of fruits and vegetables and a number of plants for medical use. It is possible to stay several days at the coffee farm, volunteering and to learn more about organic farming and how it is practiced here.

After the coffee beans have been roasted, they need to be grinded. By hand, of course. I give a helping hand – thinking that the coffee might even taste better if I put some efforts into it! When the coffee beans are grinded, it is time to make coffee! At the farm they use an espresso brewer. You fill the water into the lower container and grinded coffee beans are added in middle container with a filter to keep the coffee in place. When the water in the first container begins to boil, the boiling water goes through the coffee filter and into the second container. When the first container is empty and the second container is filled, the coffee is ready!

I take a sip, close my eyes and let time stand still ... I have never tasted a better, more local or fresher coffee!

If you don’t have time to visit the farm near Pokhara, you can try their coffee at Karma Coffee in Lalitpur Kathmandu.

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