17 May 2017
Tibetan Cultural Immersion

The Tibetan regions around Chengdu in China provide an amazing insight into the lives in Tibetan villages - their food, the architecture, the dances and music and the way they live. A good way to get close and personal with this experience is to live there for a while.

In March-April 2017, BØMLO Folkehøgskule in Norway went there with teachers and students and did exactly that. Enjoy the Video

If you wish to do an experience like this for yourself or for your group, do not hesitate to contact us!

What Travellers Say about this experience?

"It was really idyllic. It's one of the craziest things I've done. It's one of the best experiences I've had in my life. I hope other people will get the same experience as well"

"Zhonglu was the best part of thr trip. It was good to get a away from the city and this was where we got to kmow the guides better as well. The area was also incredibly beautiful - a good enough reason visit again. The arrangement was good, we got to learn another culture, make food, talke to local people and did many walk. It was also nice to spend time with the other students and the teachers."

"GREAT! I enjoyed Tibet really well. It  was very good that we did something completely different from just such tourist attractions. It was something different and exciting to see that nature with the mountains, the trees and the green. I thought it was very good that we got to know the people and see the dancing and singing with them."

"Very fun and varied. Felt us well received and taken care of throughout our stay. Nice to experience the village through the locals and their "daily" activities such as temple visits, handicrafts, architecture and walking around the village."

"I really liked the program and the whole trip to the Tibetan village, this is one of the favorite places we visited on the whole trip. Meeting with locals was special, all in all a very cozy village”

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