22 Feb 2017
Visit to Khadi Weaving Centre, India

Cheruthuruthy is a town along River Nila in Kerala, India. Here we visit Khadi Weaving Center. River Nila connects many small societies along the river, each with a story, culture and traditions that are still kept alive. Khadi is one of many places.

Khadi means handmade, and at Khadi Centre everything is handmade using traditional handlooms. It is about eight women working here and the oldest lady she has been working for more than fifty years at this centre.

The Khadi Centre was started by a small group of people and is not related to one specific community. You will see Ghandi on the wall (as in many other places in India) because he initiated these small units. Today, due to modernization of production techniques combined with mass production processes, the practice and knowledge of this traditional form of hand-looming is threatened as it is more expensive.

The Khadi centre is supported by Kerala Khadi Village Industries that supports the start-up of small scale village industries. In the centre we learn about the process.

It is a true pleasure to visit the centre. The atmosphere and women’s pride in the work they do is really something special. You will not be walking out without buying something, which also provide direct income to the women.

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