26 May 2017
Yoga Immersion in Nepal

The Himalayas have long been known to be the abode of yogis and seekers, of mystics and adventurers alike. In November you can join us on a journey of a lifetime. Get immersed with Yoga in Kathmandu Valley at beautiful resorts. This is your time to take care of your self and to learn more about Yoga as a life science available to all. Instructor Sannyasi Yogatara Saraswati will guide your way. Although ancient, Yoga as a life science is still very alive in Nepal, woven into the culture, food, daily rituals and traditions. As lived in Nepal, Yoga encompasses all facets of one’s daily life--from how to eat to best serve one’s unique nature, to what it means to be part of a community. Embarking on this journey you will have the unique opportunity to take a dip into a land and people that- even in the throws of modernization- resonate with ancient yogic and vedic wisdom. 

This retreat offers a space of disciplined Yogic practice that encourages introspection, discovery, focus, centering and balance on all levels. Our days are immersed in yogic practice, from early morning intensives of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and mindfulness, to discussions that introduce practical yogic philosophy, to walking meditations, deep relaxation, quiet times for self reflection and busier moments of community and sharing.  The daily schedule balances group activities (practice/discussion) with time and space for self. Whether you are new to the world of Yoga or have years of experience, all are welcome to join. The yoga practiced on this retreats draws inspiration from the Satyananda Yoga Tradition, an integral system of Yoga incorporates the whole person, not simply the body. The emphasis is on developing awareness of our personality, the integration of our various dimensions (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual) and the expression of our full potential. 

During this retreat our aim is for participants to become empowered with tools to bring clarity, compassion, authenticity and wellbeing into their daily lives, as well as to have a clearer understanding of what Yoga is as a life science available to all. Each participant will leave with a personal practice that is designed to meet their abilities and needs to help them move towards their goals--whether physical, mental or spiritual.

We are very proud to work with Sannyasi Yogatara Saraswati (Lisa Alessandra Gautschi). Yogatara began her journey in Yoga in 1996 when she first arrived in Nepal. With a background in biochemistry, she turned from the hard sciences to the life sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda in her search for healing and spiritual growth. Yogatara is a very caring and knowledgable instructor. She invites you to embark a journey and guide you through in it. She was also part of the Yoga Marathon in Kathmandu which included 108 Sun Salutation at Durbar Square, a project in partnership with our partner socialtours to raise money for the organization Antardristi.Yogatara holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Yogic Sciences (Yoga Therapy) from Bihar Yoga University (B.Y.U), in India and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University, in California. “Yogatara was so much more than a regular yoga teacher, she also became our spiritual leader in a very good and inspiring way. ” — Åsa Otterstedt, participant Yoga in the Mountains Her academic pursuits combine with 17 years of immersion in the Nepali culture and the path of Yoga and sannyasa, to bring insight and depth to her classes. Bridging Eastern and Western traditions of holistic wellbeing and spiritual life, YogaTara offers practitioners-- novice and experienced--a space of rich exploration where intellect and intuition merge, where theory meets practice. YogaTara teaches Yoga in the tradition of the Bihar School, or Satyananda Yoga, and draws inspiration from her Guru, Swami Niranjanananda and Swami Satyananda, who have contributed significantly to making the heritage of Yoga accessible to people from all walks of life ( Currently director of Isha (, a space of holistic and conscious living, Yogatara works as yoga therapist, instructor, and counselor. A freelance writer and adventurous explorer in all things creative, she leads yoga retreats and spiritual journeys to Nepal, India, Tibet as well as in the US. 

“Yogatara is very knowledgable. I was very impressed about her as a person and everything she gave me/the group through the journey. Not only the yoga sessions, but also through talks and discussions. She taught me a lot about yoga, and that yoga is much more than what we learn in a studio. Very exciting with karma and seva yoga as well.” — Toril Brommeland, participant Yoga in the Mountains 

We have hand picked some of the best resorts in Kathmandu Valley. In clear days you can see the Himalayas and overview of Kathmandu. The resorts are located in different directions from Kathmandu, and you will get to know the area very well. It is small places and the atmosphere is perfect for yoga retreat. As soon as you arrive the resorts you feel welcome, like a home away from home. you are very close to Kathmandu, yet it feels like miles away. It is time to let your self surrender and enjoy every minute.

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