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How Many Elephants Before It’s Too Late?

“Passion is contagious, people buy into a passion. I believe collective passion has the power to make a change in this world.” This is what the inspirational Holly Budge concluded with at her TEDxBrighton talk. She provided an empowering call to action daring conservationists, scientists, politicians, educators and storytellers to make a positive change to our planet.   How Many Elephants Budge, a wearer of many hats is broadcasting this propelling argument to...

River Nila Experience, Kerala India

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]River Nila connects culture and traditions. It is a river many people have a passion for; locals and travellers. The nostalgic feeling follows from the community to community located on the riverside. To understand Kerala on an intimate level it’s best to discover through its music, costumes, traditions, scents and sunsets. Therefore by doing this, we become closer to gaining knowledge about its history, get to share the story and...

My first week in Bergen

Hi, my name is Norah. I am a 20-year old student from Belgium currently finishing the last year of my Event and Project Management program. I’m in the process of figuring everything out and trying to find my way in the world. To me, an internship abroad seemed like an excellent way of getting some more experience, both in work and life. That is why I am here in the...

Sunset in Nepal

5 Reasons Ethical Travel is More Important Than Ever

All of a sudden, travel has vastly changed overnight. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to look at our planet from another perspective. Given this drastic change, 2020 may not be the optimum year for travel like years we have experienced prior. However once the borders open up again and restrictions are lifted, travel will resume. While this may be frustrating, what we can do now is utilise our time...

Travel Around the World through Food

Times are changing; the way we think, communicate and behave is changing. Just because we're stranded at home in the Covid19 pandemic, does not stop us from roaming other routes. One route, in particular, you can explore is by recreating familiar continental dishes or even experience them for the first time. Travel through the minds and tastebuds of a local and devise some tasty delicacies. If you can't visit the...

Bring Thailand to your kitchen and make Tom Kha Gai

A taste tingling coconut flavoured, sweet and spicy thick curry-like soup consisting of succulent chicken is known as Tom Kha Gai. Is your mouth watering yet? This dish derives from the South of Thailand with an influence from Laos. It’s referred to as a staple dish for local villagers who use fresh coconuts to produce their own coconut milk. Our partners allow their travellers to participate and make this dish....

Bring Vietnam to your kitchen and make Banh Mi

Vietnam is renowned for its noodle, rice and soup-based dishes. However, one famous dish which is quite the opposite is its staple street food desire, is the Banh Mi. A crunchy baguette local type breakfast (yet you can have at any time of the day). Depending on where you visit in Vietnam, the style of the Banh Mi changes. It was first introduced by the French in the 1950s adopted...

Bring China to your kitchen and make Kong Pao Chicken

Kong Pao is a traditional Chinese dish popular to the Sichuan Province. The scrumptious stir-fried chicken, chilli and the peanut-based dish became known to us by a man named by Ding Bao. Legend has it that there are two slightly different versions of how Kong Pao came into place.   The first story indicates a Sichuan Governor who wandered around Sichuan, disguised as a farmer. He wanted to understand better the needs...

Stay home and Experience Norway!

During the time of COVID-19, we need to stay home and be safe, for ourself and our surroundings. It is time to dream where you want to go and travel when the time is right. There are many ways of exploring digital. Here we have collected a few slow tv options - a virtual tour for you to experience Norway from home. These are some of the main attractions people...

5 Travel Tips to Do from Home

For many of us, we are facing a completely new situation ever since a few weeks back. One country after the other is putting down restrictions due to the fight of the coronavirus. We have had our lives turned around, and you are probably spending more time at home than you usually would have! Maybe your holiday has been postponed or even cancelled? Or, you've been stranded in a foreign...