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Pu Luong

Climate Emergency Declaration

The world of tourism is considered one of the high contributors to emissions affecting climate change. This also means of course that changes brought about in Tourism Practice will also influence positive change the most. We are committed to making that change and will collaborate actively to make this measurable, and positive. At Ethical Travel Portal, we work with several hand-picked partners around the world, renown for their best practices in...

Oslo | Airport to the City

Don't worry about finding transport from Oslo airport. Upon collecting your luggage your departure from the airport to the city can be swift and conducted with a fair amount of ease. As there are several methods of transport you can take such as the train, coach or taxi. No matter whatever journey you take you will be graced by the stunning scenery welcoming you into Oslo. Below are details on...

We love being Reviewed

Reviews and Feedback form a very important part of learning in companies, and we truly value it when travellers send us their honest opinions. All feedback is good, and there is always something t0 learn. Reviews also help us in marketing, as more and more travellers around the world rely on reviews on various platforms to search for companies that deliver great experiences and excellent service. You can review us on the...

Travel Insurance | Which one to choose?

Insurance is an important element in the process of travelling. Which one to choose from? What should it cover? These are all questions that are important. Here is a small guide to things to note when you consider travel insurance. If you are constantly travelling, you might want to take out long term insurance, that covers you for all your travels, throughout the year. This is the easy one, as most...