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Responsible Tourism Policy

Responsible tourism is about creating better places for people to live in and to visit.  We use the guidelines for responsible tourism that were chartered in Cape Town in 2002 as our guiding tool to create our responsible tourism policy. The 7 core headlines from the charter that we have adopted and internalised are Minimising negative economic, environmental, and social impacts; Generating greater economic benefits for local people and enhancing the...

Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism is the backbone of our company and the principles have been guiding us from the first day of our establishment. We work solely with partners who thoroughly practice responsible tourism. The journeys you see on our website, have been vetted by one of our team members where we use our own knowledge and experience to decide whether or not the local partner is a good fit for us,...

COVID19 and Traveling to Norway

Below you find relevant links for travel in Norway. Seek out the most updated information, and if confused about it, ask us. This is what we are here for!UPDATED INFORMATION are on these links!Map showing areas of exemptions of Quarantine from Norwegian Institute of Public Health: Click here.Foreign Travellers Advice to Norway: Click here. Official Immigration Site’s Advice: Click here.Guidelines once you are in the countryHere is a handy list of recommended...

How to Identify If You’re Staying in an Eco-Lodge

As the climate crisis hits, more people are striving to travel consciously and reduce their environmental footprint. Likewise, more businesses are wanting to reduce their impact on the environment. Arguably this is somewhat exciting; however, some companies within the tourism sector try to play on this promoting their businesses as 'eco-friendly'. When travelling, you may see the case of many forms of accommodation claiming to be environmentally conscious and use...

Chicken Biryani

The world opens up through your kitchen when you are unable to experience the sit-down restaurant ambience depending on your preference of the day. I was never a massive fan of biryani, especially the core Indian style served in restaurants, while what tempted me was those street foods of India. The traditional Indian biryani always took ages for me to cook; ‘always’ would be an exaggeration. To be honest, I...

7 Reasons to Take Part in a Virtual Travel Experience

What do you miss the most about travelling? Is it the scenery, the cuisine, or being introduced to new lifetime experiences? Well, all is not THAT bad due to this pandemic, as it has brought the world to our doorsteps. It’s allowed us and others to have new lifetime experiences that we’ve never had before. Yes, we’re talking about virtual travel experiences!As long as you have an internet connection and...