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Immersion & Relaxation in China

Sichuan, a picturesque Southwestern province of China located along the stunning Yangtze river. Inside this province exists amazing alpine forests, countless meadows, deep river valleys, luscious emerald lakes and high mountains stand. It is also home to many ethnic groups such as the Han, Tuja, Tibetans, Hui and Qiang.

We have selectively chosen to take you on journeys to the less travelled areas of China. Our journeys run to Ganzi a Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the western area of the Sichuan province. This is the perfect destination to go for an offbeat adventure allowing you to witness the traditional side of China. Here you will find many ethnic cultures intertwined together living in harmony. Likewise, it boats phenomenal natural scenery, which makes Ganzi the best area for trekking, hiking and outdoor sports on the Tibetan Plateau.

Our journeys take you to rural areas such as Zhonglu, allowing you to visit traditional Tibetan villages. Interact with local minorities and learn the importance behind the social fabric of Tibetan communities. Travelling with us, you get to learn about traditions first hand from locals. You will dive deep into the western Chinese communities unearthing their culture and picturesque places.

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