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Learn to PACK LIGHT!

Prior to travelling mountainous countries, you must know how and be able to pack wisely as well as lightly. Likewise, no matter how frugal you are with packing your stuff about 30% of the items you pack you will most likely only use and then return. We can guarantee you! Where do I start?  Begin by selecting two bags. First, a 30/40L day pack and 60/70L rucksack. Before packing make sure that...

Bridges made by locals to cross the lakes

Norway Top Tips

Norway is known as one of the most scenic countries on the planet. Alongside this, there is a lot to explore from the Northern lights, famous fjords, Viking heritage, sculptures and tasty food. It’s a very sustainable and eco-friendly country. Did you know the population of Norway is over 5.4 million? Out of these large populations, it’s vital you optimise your time in Norway. How do you do this? Well,...