Travel Norway through Stories

Join our Online Storytelling Series that brings out the secrets that Locals are proud of. Narrated by Locals

Travel Norway through Stories

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As the Corona Virus makes us all stay at home, and not able to travel to the destinations we want to, Ethical Travel Portal is introducing a new series – where you can travel to these amazing destinations in Norway via stories, told by local experts who are passionate about their destination. Join us to learn about these incredible destinations and the wonderful stories that they are proud of.

Secrets of Bergen

Not many people know it, but Bergen and the harbor called “Bryggen” was quite an important port for trade in the world. It has not changed much in size really, and that is part of its charm, and is easily one of the most beautiful towns in Norway, and by far the most popular. It hold many secrets, and we shall start unveiling them through storytelling, until the time you can come and discover it on your own!

The Battle of Bryggen

About 350 years ago, a war between two superpowers at that time – England and the Netherlands – happened in the harbour in Bergen, then a very important port for trade. In this online guided StoryTelling session, Local Expert Hilde takes you into this story, how it unfolded, and what do locals of beautiful Bergen make of it now, in retrospect.

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Story of the Seven Hills

Locals of Bergen are super proud of their seven hills that surround Bergen, the hiking in nature it offers, and the beautiful vistas while going up and from the peak. Follow Local Expert Anne on one of her walks, and around the local stories, she narrates about and around the different trails.

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Secrets of Oslo

Oslo is fast becoming the green capital of Europe, and a city that’s plans to be completely car free in its inner zones in the recent future. Its continually working on cutting emissions, and seems to come with one after another innovative measure. All this innovativeness and zeal to go green comes from the history of Oslo and the mindset of the locals. We try to delve deeper into this psyche in this series

Oslo | Tales around a River

The Akerselva river that cuts through Oslo is famous as the city’s green lung, is 8.2 kilometers and has an elevation difference of 149 meters. Salmon spawn in its upper stretches, and both sides of the river has history, and change that has come over the centuries. Hear from Local Expert Stig, easily one of the most passionate local guides, as he narrates stories that surround this river – a chance to really learn about the relation between this river and the local lifestyle!

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