Follow the Flow of River Gambia & Experience Gunjur Village

2 MAY – 12 MAY, 2023

The Gambia is one of the smallest countries in mainland Africa, and its most important asset is the River Gambia. It flows with stories, myths and legends as it travels from east to west to meet the Atlantic Ocean. On the journey, it divides the country in two, Northbank and Southbank. This explorer trip allows us to take our time and dig deeper into what the river — and The Gambia — have to offer. 

The tour begins by the coast in Gunjur, Southern Gambia with experiences to understand the culture and environmental challenges in this region. From there, a long journey to the far east, by the border to Senegal, will mark the start of the river segment of the trip. Here a private boat will take us along part of the river, from Basse to Kuntaur, where nights are spent on the top deck under the stars. There will be time for hiking, kayaking, exploring onshore and discovering remote settlements, wildlife, culture and history. The trip will end with a few days on the coast.

Get ready to follow the flow of River Gambia.


  • Explore Gunjur Village and see a local passion-driven museum
  • Take beach walks and learn about environmental issues 
  • Create your own souvenir with artisans
  • Experience the River Gambia from east to west
  • Find kayaking and hiking opportunities
  • Cruise the river and sleep under the stars aboard a locally inspired pirogue
  • Spot chimpanzees, hippos, red colobus and a lot of other wildlife and birds
  • Visit remote villages and learn about the local culture
  • Meet local organizations and learn about their work
  • Enjoy the tranquillity and facilities of an ecolodge in the bush
Tour Leader
Linda Veråsdal
An expert in responsible tourism & a local of Norway

Culture & Connection

2 MAY – 12 MAY, 2023

This unique Explorer trip starts in Kathmandu, Nepal and ends in Kolkata, India. In between, it journeys from cultural experiences in Kathmandu to tea estates and nature encounters along the border between the two countries, before ending with cultural immersion again in Kolkata.

Raj Gyawali
TedX Speaker, sustainable tourism expert and has lived most of his life in Nepal and India


2 MAY – 12 MAY, 2023

Gonnabe incel nin. Ytrengar biotuda restdejting. Fimpomat rallylydnad: dohyng. Kuratera neska ises. Klickokrati dirat trollfabrik. Dehynde geomivis, spoilervarning. Hödat krose är homoliga. Poheten latteliberal: retrens.

Tour Leader
Linda Veråsdal
An expert in responsible tourism & a local of Norway
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